Sports Medicine Products For Different Types Of Injuries

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Sports medicine is a field of medicine that deals with treating and preventing injuries that are related to sports and exercise. Physicians who specialize in sports medicine not only provide immediate treatment for sprains, fractures, and other common bone and joint injuries, but they also are likely to prescribe physical therapy along with the use of sports medicine devices designed to support injuries while they heal, like Mueller braces and supports. The following are some of the most common products for different types of injuries.

Knee Injuries

Common knee injuries include ligament tears, bursitis, meniscal tears, and knee cap injuries. All of these are likely to occur due to the basic instability of the knee joint. Thus, braces designed to support the knee can protect the knee while it’s healing from an injury. Many athletes choose to wear knee braces whenever they exercise in order to protect their knees. Knee braces come in a wide variety of sizes and strengths, depending on the amount of stabilization required.

Ankle Injuries

Most athletes twist or sprain their ankle at some point, especially if their sport involves running and pivoting. When an ankle is twisted hard enough that the ligaments tear, the injury is called a sprain and usually results in a great deal of pain and swelling. If the bone is not broken, an ankle brace may be sufficient to stabilize the joint while athletes regain their strength through physical therapy exercises. Some ankle braces look similar to thick socks, while others are designed like partial shoes.

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Elbow Injuries

Although elbow injuries can happen to anyone, golfers and tennis players seem to be more susceptible to them due to the way they use their arms. Golfer’s Elbow and Tennis Elbow are two very similar conditions caused by repeated motions that affect the tendons in the wrist and elbow. Common symptoms are pain in the elbow, stiffness, and weakness. Often the problem is caused by incorrect form, and athletes need to retrain in order to improve their swing. Elbow braces can provide beneficial support while the elbow is healing.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries most often occur in sports that require throwing or other big arm motions, especially baseball and tennis. One of the most common shoulder injuries is the rotator cuff tear, which can be very painful and can significantly limit the athlete’s range of motion. Shoulder slings and vests can help reduce pain and provide stability while the joint is healing. With Mueller braces and supports, athletes can not only recover more quickly from painful injuries like rotator cuff tears, but they can decrease their risk of re-injury.

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